Simon Wardley OSCON 2014 Keynote: “Introduction to Value Chain Mapping”

At the 2014 OSCON event, a session titled “Anticipating the Future: An Introduction to Value Chain Mapping” discussed the evolutionary tide in innovation that is both crafting new value paradigms and erasing longstanding traditional models. This era is characterized by major technological landmarks such as cloud computing, Big Data, the expansive trajectory of open source, and the proliferation of the internet of things. These transformative elements suggest a seismic shift in the way we engage with technology and business.

A man stands on stage, presenting at what appears to be a conference. He is dressed in professional attire, wearing a jacket over a shirt without a tie, and is holding a microphone close to his mouth, likely addressing the audience. The backdrop includes the letters ‘OSCON’ on the upper right side, indicating that the event is related to the open-source community. His stance and expression suggest a moment of thoughtful communication or response to a query during his presentation.

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