Weekend Update: Stephanie Green on Conspiracy Theories – SNL

In an appearance on Weekend Update, a segment of the comedy show Saturday Night Live, the character Witch Stephanie Green, portrayed by a cast member, humorously weighs in on QAnon conspiracy theories. The iconic live television sketch comedy and variety show is available for streaming. For those looking to delve into more episodes, both current and past, there are options to subscribe and access full episodes online.

The individual in the photo is dressed in a classic witch costume with a pointed black hat, black outfit with a white collar, and dark lipstick. They have long, wavy gray hair and are wearing makeup to create an exaggerated witch-like appearance, with pale skin and darkened eyebrows. Their hands are slightly raised and extended towards the camera, with their fingers splayed as if they are casting a spell or making a point during their segment. Behind them, the backdrop is styled to resemble a blue map of the world, common to news programs, with the show’s acronym “SNL” prominently displayed.

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