Fresh Off Russiagate, Rachel Maddow PIVOTS To Podcast. Leaving MSNBC In A LURCH?

Batya Ungar-Sargon offers her perspective on the news of Rachel Maddow taking a break from her role at MSNBC. An image from AP Photo/Chuck Burton serves as a reference for Rachel Maddow’s affiliation with the network. “Rising” is a unique weekday morning program featuring hosts from diverse political backgrounds who provide an unprecedented look into the corridors of Washington’s power. The program is committed to changing the dynamics of morning television by offering a deep dive into political happenings….

The picture displays a graphic with the bold text “LEAVING” in red, situated next to the logo of NBC’s MSNBC. To the left is a photograph of Rachel Maddow, a figure associated with the network. Overlaying the bottom right corner of the image is the logo for “The Hill’s Rising,” indicating the context of the media discussion.

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