Intro to Storage Area Network SAN Technologies (Network+ Complete Video Course – Sample Video)

The video is an excerpt from the comprehensive “Network+ (N10-006) Complete Video Course” available from Pearson IT Certification, presented by the knowledgeable Kevin Wallace who holds dual CCIE certifications in Routing/Switching and Collaboration. For those interested in a deeper dive into the subject matter, the full Network+ (N10-006) Complete Video Course can be found at Kevin Wallace’s training website. He can also be engaged with via his own website, offering a variety of learning resources and updates, or through his Twitter account for more insights and networking expertise.

The illustration presents a colorful and informative diagram showcasing the fundamental architecture of a Storage Area Network (SAN) with an emphasis on connectivity and data flow. Central to the graphic is a depiction of a network switch, framed by two servers. The switch is connected to the servers through both Fibre Channel and Ethernet pathways, illustrating a hybrid approach to networking. The servers are labeled respectively, with one connection leading to a Fiber Channel Storage, and the other connecting through what appears to be a standard Ethernet route, highlighting the dual compatibility and versatility of SAN technologies. The bold title at the top provides a clear indication that the focus of this image is an “Introduction to Storage Area Network (SAN) Technologies,” setting the stage for viewers or learners to understand the crucial components and design principles of SANs.

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