How to configure your BMW Kidney Grille and get that Iconic Glow

Discover the process of operating the BMW Iconic Glow feature, which is integrated with the vehicle’s Welcome Lights and can be customized through its settings menu. Note that compliance with regional laws may result in the Iconic Glow being deactivated upon ignition. Moreover, the distinctive radiance of the Iconic Glow kidney grilles grants your car a standout presence, with LED technology casting an exclusive, dramatic illumination.

The showcased view captures a close-up of a BMW vehicle’s front grille illuminated by the Iconic Glow, with the BMW emblem positioned above it. The grille and emblem are set against a blurred cityscape during twilight, creating a striking contrast. Emblazoned across the image in bright, bold lettering are the words “HOW-TO. BMW ICONIC GLOW,” indicating educational content on the feature’s usage.

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