How To Install a Cox TV Mini Box to Go All Digital – 2015

Discover the straightforward steps to connect a Cox cable mini box to your TV, enabling the transition from analog to digital cable viewing in compliance with FCC directives. Information and further guidance are accessible at, and to subscribe to Cox Contour TV, visit The Cox Contour App can be downloaded for Android users at the provided link.

Displayed is an open box containing various components neatly arranged in separate compartments. A hand is holding up a blue plastic bag labeled with instructions to use the COX cable inside the bag. Beneath the bag is a compact, black mini box situated on the left side. To the right, there’s a remote control with multiple buttons, including navigation and shortcut keys, indicative of a device designed to control a television or similar media equipment. The lower compartment houses additional items, such as cables and a power adapter, all essential for setting up the mini box with a television.

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