Kick up Your Heels

“Kick up Your Heels” is a track by Jessica Mauboy featuring Pitbull, distributed by Sony Music Entertainment. This song is part of the album “Beautiful,” which is under the © 2013 Sony Music Entertainment Australia Pty Ltd. It came out on October 4th, 2013, and lists Jessica Mauboy and Pitbull as the associated performers. Among the credited creators are J. Perkins, who worked on the composition and lyrics, and J Remy, who served as a producer and recording engineer.

The photo shows a woman posing gracefully, turning her head towards the camera with a gentle smile. Her long hair cascades over her shoulders, styled to frame her face. She is dressed in a simple yet elegant white outfit that complements the soft, warm lighting of the backdrop. The photo radiates a serene and poised energy, likely intended to project a positive image that correlates with the album’s title “Beautiful.” The artist’s name, Jessica Mauboy, and the album title are displayed in a delicate font, contributing to the overall sophisticated aesthetic of the cover.

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