Wirecard gegen die Medien | ZAPP | NDR

Financial Times journalist Dan McCrum faced accusations of insider trading and defamation during his investigation into Wirecard. Nevertheless, he succeeded in uncovering the scandal: Wirecard appears to have grossly falsified its financial statements, involving billions of euros. Former Wirecard executive Jan Marsalek is now a fugitive. Inga Mathwig and …

A man is holding a red and white wanted poster featuring two images of the same individual with different facial hair styles, indicating a search for information pertaining to the person’s whereabouts. The backdrop hints at an urban setting, perhaps near a train station or similar transportation hub, evidenced by metal beams and glass structures in the background. The poster includes text which suggests allegations of a multimillion-euro deception. The man is looking at the camera with a serious expression, and the photo conveys a journalistic or investigative atmosphere.

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