Building a Homemade Spacecraft

Individuals equipped with intellect and ample daring have the capability to construct their own spacecraft utilizing common products found in stores. Our journey brought us to Denmark to engage with the visionaries behind Copenhagen Suborbitals, an altruistic, open-source project for space exploration enthusiasts. For more insight, visit this link:

The scene unfolds in a workshop setting, where a man in casual attire, including a crewneck sweatshirt, stands next to a large, cone-shaped spacecraft bearing the number 4 and decals, including one that reads, “Copenhagen Suborbitals.” He seems to be presenting or explaining the spacecraft, as he gestures towards it. Visible inside the spacecraft’s open hatch is another individual, who peers out seemingly intrigued or focused, participating in this ambitious venture. The environment suggests hands-on, innovative activity, characteristic of grassroots space engineering.

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