How To Get A Podcast On APPLE PODCASTS (iTunes) and SPOTIFY

Explore the steps to distribute your podcast on major platforms such as Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Spotify, and Google Podcasts. If you’re new to podcasting, you’ll want to first view a guide for beginners at the provided link, which offers a simple and comprehensive tutorial on starting your podcast. The video tutorial includes timestamps for key topics: at 0:29, learn how to obtain your RSS Feed; at 2:06, understand the process for adding your podcast to Apple Podcasts (iTunes); at 3:30, see how to list your podcast on Spotify; and continuation at 5:01.

In the still image, a man with glasses is excitedly presenting his smartphone which displays a podcast platform. He’s wearing a purple and blue shirt, and behind him is a colorful wall and picture frames, creating a vibrant backdrop that accentuates the topic of modern podcast distribution. Text overlaid on the image highlights “APPLE PODCASTS SPOTIFY GOOGLE,” indicating the key services focused on the content he’s discussing.

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