Nu Pogodi – Part 8 – Kids Planet Preschool

“Nu Pogodi” or “Ну, погоди!” is a beloved Russian animated series, which is featured alongside educational content at the Kids Planet Armenian Preschool, based in Glendale. This preschool offers a rich Armenian educational curriculum tailored for children, emphasizing cultural enrichment through various channels, including the arts and animation. To learn more about their offerings, visit their website at They provide a nurturing environment where Armenian heritage is celebrated, and children can engage with entertainment such as “Mankapartez” and “Manukneri Molorak Mankapartez,” ensuring a vibrant mix of learning and fun.

The scene shows a humorous moment from the Russian animation with two characters in a Christmas setting; a wolf dressed in a Santa costume looking exasperated as he watches a hip-looking character joyfully skating nearby, both surrounded by festive decorations and a brightly lit Christmas tree, evoking the whimsical spirit of the series.

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