OSCON 2010: Sam Johnston and Benjamin Black, “What We Need Are Standards in the Cloud”

At the OSCON event, panelists including Sam Johnston from Google, Benjamin Black, Patrick Kerpan representing Cohesive Flexible Technologies, Subra Kumaraswamy from eBay, Inc., Mark Masterson of CSC, and Stephen O’Grady of Redmonk convened to discuss the critical need for establishing standards in cloud computing.

The photograph depicts a conference setting with a group of men seated on stage-left in a panel discussion format. One individual is standing at a podium on stage-right, addressing either the audience or the panel. The backdrop displays what seems to be the O’Reilly branding, a known entity in the tech conference circuit. The lighting focuses on the stage, and the audience is not visible in the shot, suggesting the emphasis is on the panelists and the speaker.

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