World Champion Viki Gomez in INDIA | Redbull Local Hero Tour | BMX

On the 5th of November, the three-time world champion of flatland BMX Viki Gomez visited Mumbai, India, as part of the Local Hero Tour India. He made an appearance at Citypark to interact with the local BMX talent. A big shoutout to Redbull for making it possible to have the legendary Viki Gomez in India. The filming was done by Manz Jaiswal, Rohit Mallah, and Sagar Waghela, while the editing was handled by Manz Jaiswal. Stay connected with us through our Facebook page.

A person is captured up close in the midst of an action, likely executing a BMX trick, the surroundings slightly blurred indicative of motion or swift camera movement. This individual is wearing a white t-shirt, a dark cap, shorts, and is looking down towards a golden BMX bike. In the background, there is a group of people, seemingly spectators, who are observing the action intently. The text overlay suggests that the person is Viki Gomez, and the location is in India as part of the Local Hero Tour; additionally, the impression of the video having a sponsor is given by the mention of “Redbull.”

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