1982 CW Scientology Hearings – Scott Mayer 2/2 – Day 4

Scott Mayer’s testimony has reached its end. For those interested in viewing the entire series of hearings, a compiled playlist is available at the provided YouTube link.

In a dimly lit room, two men are seated at a table facing forward, possibly during a formal event or hearing. The man on the left has a microphone in front of him and is speaking; he has a beard and is balding, wearing a suit with a light-colored shirt and a tie. The man on the right, who appears to be listening intently, also wearing a suit, has dark hair, glasses, and a serious expression. Behind them, blurred figures can be made out, suggesting the presence of an audience or additional participants in the event. The image has a grainy quality, indicative of being captured on older video recording equipment.

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