MC YOGI – GIVE LOVE (Yoga Aid Mix)

Mark your calendars for the release of “Give Love” by MC Yogi, hitting iTunes on May 22, followed by the drop of his fresh album ‘Pilgrimage’ on June 19. The video creation is credited to MC Yogi himself, with production and animation orchestrated by Michael Rosen of Samplistic Media—discover more at The music is a collaboration between MC Yogi and Robin Livingston, with additional details available at and

The artwork features a stylized, flat-design illustration of two figures standing before a fence that borders a field of triangular shapes representing plants, with rolling hills and sun-streaked sky in the background. The figure on the right, larger and seemingly adult, is holding out its hand towards the smaller, child-like figure on the left. Both characters appear to be in a pastoral, serene environment, rendered in a simplified color palette that conveys a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

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