It’s a Wonderful Life: The Lost Ending – SNL

In a unique presentation, William Shatner reveals a previously unseen alternate conclusion to the classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life”. This twist features George Bailey, portrayed by Dana Carvey, along with the residents of Bedford Falls engaging in a violent retribution against the antagonist, Old Man Potter, played by Jon Lovitz, from the show’s twelfth season in 1986. Discover more content and full episodes from Saturday Night Live on their official website and subscribe for updates.

The visual shows a black and white still from a vintage style television program. It displays a vignette with three individuals: a young girl on the left with a bow in her hair and a winter coat; a man in the center with an expression of surprise or animated speech, wearing a suit and tie; and a smiling woman on the right, clasping her hands together, appearing to be in mid-reaction to whatever the man is saying. The watermark “SNL Vintage” is overlaid at the bottom of the image, indicating that the scene is from a classic segment of the comedy show Saturday Night Live.

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