11-MIN SURF READY WORKOUT Your #WorkoutOfTheDay — is this 11MIN SURF READY WORKOUT! This drill consists of three incredible movements carefully designed to get you warmed up and surf ready. Here is how this 11MIN WORKOUT DRILL goes: 1. Spilt Squat Close Stance Left 12X Spilt Squat Close Stance Right 12X 2. One Arm Plank Shoulder Tap Left 8X One Arm Plank Shoulder Tap Right 8x 3. Reverse Flied Multi Directional 25X Repeat the entire drill twice if your body is craving more. Don’t forget to save t

Surf Strength Coach presents the Beastie Boys’ “Flute Loop” as the backdrop to an 11-minute surf preparation regimen designed to elevate your fitness with #WorkoutOfTheDay. Dive into this three-movement sequence aimed at activating your muscles for the waves. The 11-minute routine kickstarts with:

1. Spilt Squat Close Stance Left (perform 12 repetitions)

Follow through with the next step, keeping the same intensity and precision to ensure you’re fully primed for surfing. In the picture, we see an individual performing the “Spilt Squat Close Stance Right,” executing 12 repetitions. They are demonstrating good form with a focused posture, hands clenched together at chest level for balance, and dressed in swim shorts indicative of the surf workout theme, all set against a plain black background to minimize distractions and emphasize the exercise demonstration.

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