Trong Lòng Địch 1/25- Trần Trung Quân

“Trong Lòng Địch” by Trần Trung Quân, as narrated by Quan Hưng, is a memoir recounting the experiences of a former spy from the Republic of Vietnam who infiltrated the enemy’s ranks and remained undercover in Division R for a decade. The individual is referred to as a nameless refugee due to their insistence on anonymity despite certain disclosures.

The visual presents a monochrome perspective, dominated by a grayscale filter that sets a retro tone. In the foreground, bold text overlays capture attention, detailing both the title “Trong Lòng Địch” and the author, Trần Trung Quân, as well as featuring “Quan Hưng” as the narrator. Numbering in the corner suggests this is the first installment of a series. The image background, slightly blurred, exhibits what appears to be a historical snapshot, potentially from the Vietnam era, depicting military personnel and equipment in motion, illustrating a scene from a time embroiled in conflict and espionage.

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