Trong Lòng Địch 1/25- Trần Trung Quân

“Trong Lòng Địch” by Trần Trung Quân, narrated by Quan Hưng, is a memoir of a former spy from the Republic of Vietnam who infiltrated the enemy’s ranks for ten years. He’s referred to as the unnamed refugee, as he steadfastly refuses to disclose his identity despite the risks.

The visual shows a historic grayscale photograph, overlayed with vibrant yellow and red text that highlights the title “Trong Lòng Địch Trần Trung Quân” with the number “1” prominent and “Quan Hưng diễn đọc” below it, indicating the first part of Quan Hưng’s narration. The backdrop features a scene with a railway track cutting through a landscape with trees and possibly vintage vehicles, evoking a sense of a bygone era.

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