Understanding OER

This informative guide provides an introductory walk-through on the fundamentals of Open Educational Resources (OER), anchoring the discourse on David Wiley’s notable 5Rs framework. It encapsulates a broad perspective on the various categories of OER, elucidating the connection between OERs and the Creative Commons licenses, and outlines preliminary measures for locating and implementing OERs.

A person stands against a dark background, gazing upwards as they draw on a clear surface with a marker, seemingly adding to a diagram related to OER. The term “OPEN TEXTBOOK” is visibly written, alongside bubbles containing the words “Retain,” “Reuse,” “Revise,” “Remix,” and “Redistribute,” which represent the 5Rs of OER according to David Wiley’s model. A vertical scale with the words “most” at the top and “least” at the bottom adds context to the graphical representation. Their expression is focused and determined, indicating an engagement with the topic at hand.

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