Fly tying materials demo: Rabbit strips

Jay Nicholas showcases the usefulness of various rabbit fur products for the avid fly tyer, including the highly fish-attractant rabbit strips, the different texture offered by cross-cut rabbit, and introduces the innovative Bunnybou hides. These materials are essentials for creating effective fly fishing lures, and his demonstration covers the techniques for incorporating them into fly designs. Enthusiasts can find additional tutorials and fly tying resources by visiting

In a well-lit room, a man with a beard and long, pulled back hair is holding up a purple rabbit strip with his right hand while his left hand appears to be holding a different piece of fly tying material, possibly another type of rabbit fur, above a table. The table is covered with various fly tying tools and materials, and behind him is a banner with the word ‘FLY’ visible, suggesting that he is in a workshop or space dedicated to fly fishing activities.

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