Dr. Norman Finkelstein on Israel-Hamas war

In a discourse on the subject of Zionism, Dr. Norman Finkelstein offers his perspective and examines the recent confrontations between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. To delve deeper into Dr. Finkelstein’s analyses and insights, including his latest publication entitled “Gaza: An Inquest into Its Martyrdom,” you can explore the following links: [URLs]. For updates and further content, follow FOX 11.

Pictured is a gentleman poised for an interview or discussion, presumably Dr. Finkelstein, with a composed expression. He is dressed in a casual, light blue button-up shirt and seated in front of a bookcase filled with various books and items which suggest a personal or professional backdrop. The quality of the image indicates it might be taken from a video feed or a web conference call, with a FOX 11 watermark visible in the corner, implying it’s from a broadcast by that media outlet.

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