Rolles Gracie vs. Bob Sapp | Full Fight Replay

Plunging back into the historic bouts of American mixed martial arts, we revisit the legendary entrance of Bob Sapp into the ONE Championship, where he squared off with the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist, Rolles Gracie, in a memorable clash from 2012. Follow ONE Championship for more thrilling encounters and be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel via the provided link. Stay connected with the latest updates and access through the ONE Super App and their official website.

Two fighters are poised, side by side, featured in a promotional graphic for an upcoming super heavyweight bout. On the left stands a fighter with a focused gaze, sporting a slight beard and short hair. His stats are listed as 33 years old, 195 cm tall, and weighing 115 kg, with his nationality indicated as Brazilian. On the right, his opponent, with a shaved head, appears ready for the challenge; he is 36 years old, stands a fraction taller at 196 cm, and weighs in at 159 kg, hailing from the USA. The graphic boldly sets the stage for the matchup, displaying the text “Rolles Gracie VS Bob Sapp” prominently in the center.

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