Fela Kuti – Lady

The track “Lady” by Fela Kuti, from his 1972 album “Shakara,” re-emerged in the digital era with a CD release in 1997. Music enthusiasts can subscribe at https://goo.gl/8Q1pVw to show support. Liking the song with a thumbs up and joining in with a resounding “Yeah Yeah” adds to the interactive experience on his official YouTube channel. More of Fela’s influential music can be explored through the discography available at http://fela.net/discography/. His YouTube channel is part of a dedicated effort to post songs that not only offer the audio experience but also include valuable insights about the music.

The album artwork presents a stark, close-up profile of Fela Kuti against a neutral background, with the album’s title “Shakara” in the lower right corner. His name, “Fela Ransome Kuti,” arches above his image in bold typography, setting the tone for this iconic Afrobeat release.

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