Guerra do Ultramar – África Portuguesa 1961/1974

Scenes depict Portuguese overseas warfare. A voiceover from Salazar can be heard stating “Without hesitation…” These scenes are from Operation Ostra Amarga, which started on October 12, 1969, conducted in Cobiana, northwest of Bula, in Portuguese Guinea, by the 2868 Cavalry Battalion. During this operation, on October 18, 1969, soldiers including Henrique Ferreira da Anunciação Costa lost their lives.

The subject appears to be a soldier dressed in camouflage attire, implying he may be taking part in a military operation or in a setting that requires such a uniform. His gaze is directed off-camera which could suggest alertness or engagement with his surroundings. The environment surrounding him seems lush with vegetation, indicative of a dense, possibly tropical or subtropical, forested area. The image’s sepia tone and graininess imply that it may be historical or taken from archival footage.

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