Inside India’s Maoist heartland

In the latest escalation of their ongoing campaign, alleged Naxal insurgents in India’s central regions have incinerated several vehicles and pieces of heavy machinery assigned to a local road development initiative. These insurgents, commonly known as Naxals, justify their actions as a crusade for the disenfranchised and impoverished populations of India. The Indian authorities, however, label the Maoist movement as a paramount national security risk.

A man squats among ruins in a forested area, wearing a sleeveless undershirt and a traditional headwrap, suggesting a scene from a rural setting. He appears to be in a contemplative or waiting pose and is looking slightly off to the side of the camera’s perspective. The environment around him is dilapidated and overgrown, indicating neglect or the aftermath of a destructive event. The image exudes an atmosphere of desolation and resilience.

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