Matchbox Twenty – 3AM (Official Video) [HD Remaster]

Explore the remastered HD version of Matchbox Twenty’s “3AM” music video, featured on their ‘Exile on Mainstream’ album from 1997. For the latest events and updates, visit the band’s official website at Stay connected with Matchbox Twenty by following them on Instagram (, Facebook (, Twitter (, and BandsInTown (

A man with curly hair stands before a blue-toned background with a “PARKING” sign and a door to his right. He’s wearing a dark coat over a collared shirt and has a perplexed or contemplative expression on his face. The scene gives off a moody or dramatic ambiance, accentuated by the framing and lighting of the shot. The lower right corner of the frame is branded with the universally recognized ‘Play’ symbol from a media player, signifying that this is a still from a video. The overlay on the image also indicates that the video is available in high-definition quality.

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