Pecha Kucha Night Vancouver 2010: Tegan Adams

At a Pecha Kucha Night in Vancouver on June 23, 2010, Tegan Adams, who was pursuing advanced studies in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, sparked a dialogue on the underlying reasons for our dietary choices. This conversation was part of the kickoff for the public consultation on Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan, with further information available at the website. For updates concerning the City of Vancouver, signups for subscriptions were offered.

In a dimly lit presentation room, a person stands on the left, addressing the audience with a microphone in hand. They are positioned beside a large projection screen that is split into two images. On the left side of the screen, a detailed shot of what appears to be a meat processing facility is displayed with the word “Categorization.” above it. The right side of the screen shows a serene image of an expansive farm landscape under a bright blue sky with scattered clouds. Both images contribute to a visual narrative complementing the speaker’s topic of discussion on food systems and choices.

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