Bohemian Rhapsody

“Bohemian Rhapsody” is a track by The Flaming Lips included in their album “At War With the Mystics,” which was released under Warner Records in 2006. The album credits include David Fridmann, who played a significant role as the mastering engineer, mixing engineer, audio recording engineer, producer, and programmer. Kliph Scurlock contributed to the project as well, both playing the drums and percussion, and co-producing the record.

The artwork captures a dynamic and explosive scene, featuring oranges, yellows, and blacks to depict a figure seemingly dancing or rejoicing amidst a fiery eruption. Splashes of color give the impression of a powerful energy release, with the title “At War With the Mystics” prominently displayed at the top with “THE FLAMING LIPS” just above in a smaller, more restrained font. The overall impression is one of chaos, celebration, and unbridled force.

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