Kids Is Ruthless Is France, Paris: Youngers From 16 – 18yrs Olds Stomp Out A Teen & Leave Him All Bared Out In The Streets For Not Payin Up His Euros! [Cell Phone Footage]

A recent video submission shows a group of youths in La Défense, Paris, aggressively confronting another teenager over an unpaid debt. The incident, which took place in the 92nd district of the city, demonstrates a harsh street justice for what is claimed to be a prolonged failure to settle a debt. The altercation, which has just transpired, was recorded on a smartphone. According to the source, the teen had neglected to fulfill his financial obligation for several months, which led to the group taking physical action against him. The video, which exemplifies a brutal disregard for civility, is provided courtesy of GOONS92.

In the low-resolution image, we observe a scene that appears to be a public space where several individuals are gathered. The picture is blurry, but it shows a group of individuals focused around one person. The quality of the image is too poor to make out specific details, but it seemingly captures a moment of tension or confrontation. There appears to be a mix of civilian attire and possibly security personnel, judging by what seems like ‘POLICE’ lettering on the back of one individual’s jacket.

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