Flash Republic “Star” (Official Music Video)

Presenting the premiere visual accompaniment for “Star,” the captivating track by Flash Republic, the renowned dance ensemble hailing from South Africa. The group is graced by the presence of their own Disco Queen, Tamara Dey, and the talented duo of Ryan Dent and Craig Massiv, who bring their expertise as musicians, producers, and DJs. Adding to the allure, the video welcomes the special participation of Martin Rocka. This melody is a snippet from their compelling album titled “Danger.” “Star” has been …

The person in the photo is a woman with a vibrant smile, positioned in front of a floral backdrop with large, artistically rendered flowers. Her hair is styled to cascade over her shoulders, and she is wearing a sleeveless top with a leopard print and a black skirt with a belt. Her pose gives off an air of confidence and joy.

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