Dragon Ball Yo! Son Goku His Friends Return!! English Sub DMSZ Remastered

A couple of years subsequent to Majin Buu’s downfall, Mr. Satan has completed the construction of a luxurious new hotel. Battling a sense of guilt over the widespread belief that he vanquished Buu, to which the hotel is dedicated, he extends an invitation to all the heroes and their kin for a celebratory feast. In a spirit of camaraderie and relentless training, Goku and Vegeta seize the chance to engage in a friendly combat, donning their familiar battle gear. The artwork showcases a group of animated characters, prominently featuring a character in an orange martial arts uniform with spiky black hair alongside a compatriot in blue with similarly distinctive hair, standing resolute with a few more allies – among them a green-skinned warrior and a small being with a purple complexion – ready for action, set against a backdrop with the title “Dragon Ball” prominently displayed above them.

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