Trey Songz – Brand New

Enjoy this video produced by Trey Songz, and I hope it brings you pleasure! Here are the lyrics: ————— Oh, Oh, Oh, Sooonnnggg, Oh Songz is my title.. Yup! ————— Fresh like she just stepped out of packaging, that girl’s brand new (brand new), untouched and recently unveiled (fresh out the box), it appears she may have arrived accompanied by her female companion. Radiating that just-unwrapped aura (brand new), straight from its initial presentation (fresh out the box), tonight’s agenda is looking promising…

A man stands confidently, dressed in a simple white t-shirt and accessorized with a prominent belt. His arms are casually crossed, one tattooed arm resting over the other, as he leans slightly to one side. Behind him, large, bold text proclaims “BRAND NEW” atop the artist’s name, emphasizing the theme of the content associated with the image.

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