Conflict Resolution Pranks – The Office US

Dwight exclaims over the large size of something, asserting that he poses no security risk, and clarifies that his middle name is ‘Kurt’, not ‘Fart’, prompting an inquiry from Jim about what he might have inaccurately noted down. Meanwhile, with an aim to restore peace among the staff, the office’s regional manager, Michael Scott, makes it his mission to address the various conflicts present. In the midst of this, Dwight voices his grievances regarding the continuous jokes at his expense. The visual presents two men in an office setting; the man on the right appears taken aback, with wide eyes and a somewhat stern expression, while the man on the left is slightly blurred and has a sly, amused look on his face. In the corner, there is an overlay of an image with text reading “the office” and featuring two figures with the words “Working Together to Resolve Conflict” below them, suggesting themes of workplace interaction and problem-solving.

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