Se insultan Fernández Noroña y el panista García Bringas

Members of the Mexican legislature, Gerardo Fernández Noroña of the Labor Party and Leandro Rafael García Bringas of the National Action Party, came face to face and exchanged insults in the legislative chamber of San Lázaro. This heated exchange followed criticisms by the Labor Party representative regarding the overly positive tone of the report delivered by President Felipe Calderón. The full assembly was engaged in debating a bill regarding reforms to criminal law.

In a crowded assembly room, a group of individuals is seen in a tense confrontation. A man in the center, wearing a dark blue suit, is being confronted aggressively by another man to his right who is pointing a finger near his face. The man being confronted is surrounded by others, some of whom appear to be trying to intercede or calm the situation. There is a mixture of concern and intensity on the faces of those present.

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