Hobart Paving

“Hobart Paving” by Saint Etienne is part of the album “So Tough,” released under Warner Records in 1993. The production of the track was handled by the group itself, with Bob Stanley acting as the lyricist and Pete Wiggs as the composer. This content was auto-generated for YouTube by the Warner Records team.

The artwork features a retro aesthetic, displaying a person in the center of the composition. They are standing on a pathway in what appears to be a park-like setting. Dressed in a dark-colored outfit consisting of a jacket and trousers, the individual seems to be captured mid-stride or mid-dance move. The background is a muted green, and the text surrounding the person lists various song titles, signaling the tracks included in the album. The vintage look of the image suggests it may be originating from the era of the album’s release. The album’s name “so tough” is written in lowercase in the lower right corner, with the artist’s name, “saint etienne,” situated above it towards the right in a bolder, all-caps font.

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