SNL Digital Short: Motherlover – SNL

In a comedic sketch from a popular late-night variety show, two R&B performers, portrayed by well-known comedians, concoct a humorous plan to romantically engage with their respective mothers for a Mother’s Day gag, featuring celebrated actresses in the maternal roles. This skit is part of the show’s digital shorts segment from their 34th season, aired in 2009. For those interested in more of the show’s content, full episodes and past seasons are available for streaming through provided links.

The photo shows two men facing each other closely, almost nose to nose, with a tense and serious expression. They are both wearing sunglasses and what appears to be 1980s styled attire, including patterned shirts. The close-up, the intense gaze they share, and their stylized appearance suggest a humorous or satirical situation. The logo for the variety show is visible in the bottom right corner, indicating that this is likely a still from one of the show’s comedic segments.

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