Repartitoarele pentru caldura sunt o pacaleala. Contoarele sunt soluţia – Dezbaterile RL

Tudor Popescu, a specialist in energy programs, stated on the February 1st broadcast of the Debates RL show that radiator allocators are merely a way to deceive taxpayers. Instead, he argues that the real solution for reducing maintenance costs lies in the use of meters. Previously, Popescu served as the head of the Municipal Agency for…

In a room that looks like a broadcast studio, two men are seated at a table with a newspaper spread out in front of them. One man is wearing a yellow shirt and has a tablet device in front of him, while the other, in a denim jacket, appears to be listening intently. The environment has an informal, conversational feel. In the background, the blurred interior of the office or studio is visible, with other individuals seemingly working at their desks.

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