Domestic Abuse Survivor Reveals the Horrifying Abuse of His Wife | True Crime Central | #truecrime

Discover the compelling narrative of Kayleigh White, a resilient woman who survived a life-threatening stabbing against all odds—a mere 1% chance—and chose the path of forgiveness towards the person responsible for her assault. Tony and Tracy tied the knot in June 2013 after their romance blossomed via a dating site and they decided to meet in person just six months earlier. However, the initial bliss soon turned sour when Tracy began to subject Tony to physical and psychological mistreatment in under a year of their union. Her actions eventually led to her imprisonment for a duration of two years.

In the picture is a man with greying hair looking weary and contemplative. Superimposed over the background is a quote saying “IT FELT LIKE I HAD NO WAY OUT.” A smaller inserted image shows a black and white photo of a couple—presumably the same man, now smiling, with a woman affectionately kissing his cheek.

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