[26] REDES 1/2. La monogamia no es natural

Between 25 and 50 percent of Western men admit to having been unfaithful to their partners at least once. As for women, is it possible that there exist two types of monogamy, one social and the other sexual? This question may be of particular interest when considering the union of Judith Eve Lipton, a psychiatrist from the Swedish Medical Center in Washington, and David Barash, a psychologist at the University of Washington. A pair is seated side by side, engaging in a discussion; the woman to the left is identified with text onscreen as Judith Lipton, a psychiatrist. Next to her is a man with a full beard and glasses who is attentively turned toward her, though his name is not shown. They appear to be participants in a formal interview or discussion, set against a backdrop that includes a green plant to their right, and both have a contemplative and professional demeanor.

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