Playfair Cipher Explained

This is an animated explanation of the Playfair cipher, providing an interactive tutorial which first outlines the cipher’s rules before walking through a clarifying example. The creation served as a component of a capstone project aiming to develop an educational tool, and has been shared online to ensure the animation is utilized. Feedback from viewers is highly encouraged, and appreciation is extended to Olivia Beck for her contributions.

The visual component depicts a step in the encryption process of the Playfair cipher. A matrix is presented, with the letters of the alphabet arranged in rows, and certain cells highlighted within this matrix. The letters “CR” are shown in the top right corner, suggesting a focus on these for a particular operation, possibly indicating a pair being encrypted. The instructions, “Move each letter right ONE / Upon reaching end of table, wrap around,” guide the user on how to proceed with the cipher step illustrated.

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