Phoenix DUI Lawyer | DUI Defense in Arizona

Explore this informative video presented by a Phoenix DUI attorney to gain insights into the DUI statutes of Arizona, understand the consequences of DUI in Phoenix, learn about potential DUI defenses, and navigate your dealings with the DMV. The attorney featured, David Cantor, distinguishes himself by informing viewers on the nuances between DUI and DWI offenses, noting that both are considered serious with equivalent repercussions. He further explains that Extreme DUI and Super Extreme DUI infractions have comparatively harsher consequences. In the visual, you see a professionally dressed man with short gray hair. He wears a dark suit, a blue tie, and glasses. Behind him, a wide window reveals a view of a mountainous skyline, suggesting an office with a high vantage point. He is clasping his hands and appears to be speaking or preparing to speak, indicative of a setting aimed at discussing legal matters.

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