Judy Collins – “Farewell to Tarwathie”

Judy Collins, a celebrated folk singer whose voice captured the essence of the 1960s folk revival, performs a maritime song that intertwines with the vocalizations of Humpback whales. Penned in the early 1850s by George Scrogie, a miller from Fedderate in New Deer, this song resonates with the pastoral aura of Tarwathie, nestled at the foot of Mormond Hill near the hamlet of Strichen. The individual shown appears to be a performer, likely captured mid-song. She sports a dark blazer and her facial expression suggests a moment of emotional delivery. Her gaze is fixed slightly upwards, possibly connecting with the audience or absorbed in the sentiment of the piece she is presenting. The scene seems to be from a stage performance, hinted by the microphone stand directly in front of her and the dimmed, nondescript background that typifies theatrical or concert settings.

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