Gandhian Educational Philosophy | B.Ed/UGC NET/TET’s/KVS

To achieve genuine peace globally, we must commence the education of young minds, as stated by Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi regarded education as the vehicle for comprehensive human development. According to him, mere ability to read and write does not qualify as education; it is neither the initial step nor the ultimate goal but merely a tool for the education of both genders.

The visual displays a bold title ‘GANDHIAN EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY’ at the top, followed by a list of educational contexts where this philosophy is relevant, including B.Ed/UGC NET/TET’s/KVS. Below this list is the phrase ‘CONTRIBUTION OF GANDHI TO EDUCATION’. To the right, there is a stylized image of Gandhi’s face in yellow and white, against a splattered, colorful backdrop. The overall design is simple with a yellow background, making the text and the iconic image stand out.

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