This Charming Man (2008 Remaster)

“This Charming Man,” a remastered 2008 track, is part of “The Sound of the Smiths” compilation, distributed by Rhino/Warner Records. The 1983 single, later included in the 2008 release, was produced by Warner Music UK Ltd. Andy Rourke was on bass guitar, while both the mastering engineers were Bill Inglot and Dave Schultz. The song’s production was handled by John Porter. Johnny Marr played both the acoustic and electric guitars, and Mike Joyce was on the drums.

In the photo, there are four individuals, likely band members, standing together. The person at the forefront is wearing glasses and a striped shirt, smiling at the camera. Behind and to the side, three other individuals can be seen, one slightly obscured by the person in front. The two visible in the back are looking forward, while the partially obscured individual’s face is turned to the side. Each person has a distinctive hairstyle, and the overall appearance is characteristic of a specific era in music history, suggesting a band portrait.

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