Jeff Nabers IRA LLC vs Solo 401k

Jeff Nabers presents the IRA LLC versus the Solo 401k through the Nabers Group, accessible at or by calling 866-253-7746. The Solo 401k plan offered is designed for investment flexibility, permitting allocation of funds to a diverse portfolio that includes gold, real estate, private companies, mortgages, LLCs, and many other investment opportunities.

The illustration displays a presentation slide titled “What is the Solo 401k?” The bullet points provide an overview, beginning with the 2001 EGTRRA law that established the Solo 401k. It highlights that it’s for self-employed individuals who do not have employees. The slide notes the simplified administrative requirements, including the absence of non-discriminatory testing, and mentions the benefit of increased contribution limits. The bottom of the slide emphasizes the “Unlimited” investing potential of the plan.

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