Entrevista de Joana Carneiro, maestrina da Orquestra da JMJ

Joana Carneiro serves as the conductor for the World Youth Day Orchestra set to perform in Lisbon. In a recent interview, she shares insights into her life and reflects on the unique challenge of leading an orchestra for such a momentous occasion. The hashtags related to this are #joanacarneiro, #jmj, #papa, #francisco, #lisboa2023, and #orquestrajmj.

In the visual, a woman with shoulder-length dark hair is featured. She’s wearing a black sweater and is speaking, her hands expressive as she communicates. Behind her is a banner with the text “JMJ LISBOA 2023” alongside an abstract figure of a person with a dove above it, signifying the emblem of the World Youth Day event in Lisbon.

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