I Can’t Hold Back – Survivor [LYRICS] [HD]

I trust you found the video delightful, including the melody, naturally. Here are the lyrics featured in the clip for your reference:

In the gaze of my soul lies a narrative to unfold,
Turning pages filled with yearning as our story is told.
It’s time to exchange dreams for a fervent surge of fire,
Igniting the flames of ardor, a relentless, burning desire.

Your quiver I sense with our hands entwined,
And the threads of destiny that us it binds,
Drawing nearer to one another, as it declared from above,
I’ve restrained my heart, but now…

The photo shows a background with a smoky or foggy brown texture overlayed with white text that reads, “Can ya feel me tremble when we touch / Can you feel the hand of fate / Reaching out to both of us / This love affair can’t wait.” The words highlight a sense of intimacy and urgency, expressing a deep emotional connection and a destiny-driven relationship that can no longer be put on hold.

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