Jewish American political scientist Norman Finkelstein comments on Israel’s attack on Gaza hospital

American political scholar and writer, known for his books ‘The Holocaust Industry’ and ‘I Accuse!’, Norman Finkelstein, shared his views concerning the denial by Israel, the United States, and Britain regarding Israel’s role in the massacre at Gaza’s Al Ahli Arab Hospital on 17 October, as well as the behavior of Hamas since 7 October. #TheHolocaustIndustry #NormanFinkelstein

The visual shows a man with graying hair, wearing a blue button-up shirt. He appears to be speaking during a video interview or a web conference, with his image framed against a dark bookshelf in the background. The overlaying text on a blue background next to him includes a quote, reading: “DON’T TRUST THE WORD THAT ISRAEL SAYS.” The logo on the bottom left corner indicates the content is from TRT World.

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