How Safe Is You Safe? Watch Theives Break Into A Cheap Safe!

Numerous expansive retail chains are exerting pressure on safe manufacturers to produce increasingly cost-effective safes so that the retail price can be reduced. The compromise, however, is that a cheaper safe may not offer adequate protection. Witness the ease with which burglars can breach these safes using nothing more than a crowbar. It begs the question: just how secure is your safe?

In a showroom filled with various models of safes, two individuals are seen attempting to pry open a safe’s door using a crowbar. There is a sense of urgency as a timer with a one-minute and twenty-five-second countdown is displayed in the corner of the image, suggesting that the safe’s integrity is being tested against a quick forced entry. The backdrop showcases an array of safes, indicating a setting where security devices are sold or demonstrated.

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